Patient and Public Involvement Workshop with Parkinson Luxembourg Asbl

On the 1st of March, LUNEX University held the first PPI (Patients and Public Involvement) group event in Luxembourg, a workshop for the Parkinson Luxembourg Association.

During this event, 41 people affected by Parkinson’s Disease had the opportunity to experience firsthand the solutions that will be used in future research activities at LUNEX. Innovative training devices and approaches were explained and promoted as involved in the future research methodology. The goal of the event is to guide the research activities development towards more feasible approaches based on the feedback gained by the participants involved. On the other hand, participants were able to get closer science and feel as actively influencing its development. The PPI workshop is a way of promoting science to the public and mandatory step of conducting research.

The PPI group was involved in learning about two main research projects aiming at

  1. Improving gait via adaptive sensory cues, based on the sensorised treadmill from Biodex (US) Gait Trainer™ 3
  2. Improving postural control via local vibratory stimulation of the lower limb muscles, using the Vibra 3.0 system from AD Swiss MedTech, able to provide localised muscular vibration at low frequencies.

This impactful event comes as the result of the collaboration of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alessandro Marco De Nunzio, Head of Research Council, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roberto Meroni, Head of Department of Physiotherapy, Dr Johanna Johansson, Lecturer in Physiotherapy and Michael Philippe, Lecturer in Physiotherapy, with the Luxembourg Parkinsons Asbl.

Featured image: from left to right, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alessandro de Nunzio, Dr. Johanna Johannsson, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roberto Meroni 


50, avenue du Parc des Sports / 4671 Differdange / Luxembourg

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