Dare to Care:
Creating Career Success and Organisational Impact as “Certified Corporate Health & Wellbeing Manager”

The future of work is here. Current and future leaders must embrace new models and approaches to attract, develop, engage and retain their workforce. Corporate health management (CHM) has become a key factor in successfully competing in the “war for talent”. Not only does CHM effectively support the health, wellbeing and motivation of workers and employees.

Location:LuxExpotheBox,KirchbergLuxembourg Duration:1fullday&4afternoons(24hours) Language:English Startingdate:June28th(afternoon) Price:2499€ Early-birddiscount:1999€(registerbefore15thofMay)

Schedule of the first programme cycle

- June 28th (afternoon)
- July 26th (afternoon)
- September 27th (full day)
- October 25th (afternoon)
- November 29th (afternoon)

The next programme cycle will start on November 29th 2024. Registrations are considered on a rolling basis.

As a result, companies with effective CHM programs are more attractive employers, have lower employee turnover, higher employee engagement and deliver superior economic performance, that is higher profitability and  shareholder value creation. Corporate Health & Wellbeing Managers will play a central role in designing and implementing powerful CHM programs. This executive education program certifies current and future leaders to create success for their own careers paths as well as the prosperous future development of their organisations through effective people management based on a curriculum-based individualized Action Plan.

Key benefits

  • Design and implement effective strategies that drive organisational health and high performance
  • Further develop your expertise in attracting, developing and retaining talent
  • Become an more effective and impactful manager
  • Expand your personal and professional network

Who should attend

This certification program is designed for current and future leaders who are seeking to maximize their organisational impact through people, from large corporates and established small to medium sized companies to dynamic, emerging, early stage businesses across industries.

Bachelor degree and at least 2 years of relevant work experience. The Bachelor degree may be waived based on relevant years of work experience. Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.

The certification program accepts registrations on a rolling basis. The design of the program allows for starting at any time with one of the modules 1-5. Participants will become part of LUNEX’s central, digital platform CANVAS through which all aspects of the program will be managed, from registration to submission of assignments as well as additional information and course material such as videos or links to literature.

Learning outcomes

Participants will:

  • learn about the psychological aspects of organisational performance, health & well-being.
  • gain insights into psychological factors of effective leadership.
  • understand how competitive advantage can be created around people through CHM.
  • receive an overview over CHM best practices and how to implement them.
  • acquire tools and strategies to present their ideas, drive executive decision-making and lead change.
  • further expand their personal and professional network to keep up with latest market developments and trends.

The program is taught at LuxExpo The Box, 10 Circuit de La Foire Internationale, 1347 Kirchberg Luxembourg, which provides parking right in front of the building.

Dare to Care:
Assignments leading to Action Plan

Each participants will be asked to submit a short monthly report (1-2 pages, 500-1000 words) using the framework and contents discussed in the classroom applied to her/his organisation (structured into Situation – Complication – Solution) with the idea to hold an Action Plan in hand for immediate implementation during and after completion of the program.

Dare to Care:
Certification Requirements

In order to complete the program and receive the certificate, participants will need to have attended modules 1-5 as well as provide a portfolio of Action Items (one per module). The program cycle runs twice a year so that participants have an opportunity to attend a module they may have missed in the following cycle so that the certificate can be achieved in between 5 to 12 months.

Dare to Care:
Teaching approach

Teaching will be in English, in-person and in a highly interactive way with breakout sessions, group work, group discussions, experiential learning interventions and expert guest lectures.

The program includes regular online community calls with faculty where course participants can join, share their challenges and CHM practices, comment and discuss actual CHM topics and developments, contribute suggestions for improvements, ask questions of clarification and deepen their personal and professional networks of ambassadors for health and wellbeing in organisations and beyond.

Teaching faculty

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roberto Meroni

Associate Professor in Physiotherapy
Head of Department of Physiotherapy
Chair of the Ethics Committee

More information

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thorben Hülsdünker

Associate Professor in Performance Neuroscience and Sport Neurophysiology
Programme Leader Master in Sport and Exercise Science

More information

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jessica Price

Assistant Professor in Corporate Health Management and Sustainability
Programme Leader Bachelor Corporate Health Management and Well-being

More information

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohannad Kafri

Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics
Programme Leader Bachelor in Nutrition, Fitness and Health

More information

Dr. Khatija Bahdur

Lecturer In Sport And Exercise Science

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Julie Schadeck

Guest lecturer in Corporate Health Management

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Program coordinator and faculty
Prof. Dr. Marcus Müller

Prof. Dr. Marcus B. Müller holds a PhD in social psychology. He is a fulltime professor of management at LUNEX in Differdange and an international scholar at the U.S. Think Tank “Center for Self-determination Theory (CSDT)” in Florida. After almost 20 years in the business world, Marcus moved into the scientific field of human motivation where he has combined leading-edge science—including his own scientific research—with his professional experience as a senior executive. He is the author of several books, an internationally recognized strategic thinker, influential speaker, and management consultant inspiring individuals, organisations and governments on professional as well as personal performance, health, and well-being.


50, avenue du Parc des Sports / 4671 Differdange / Luxembourg

Good to know

Application for a Bachelor’s programme:
1. Fill out our Online Application Form.
2. Take part in one of our Application Days. We will invite you to attend in person.
3. After successful participation in the Application Day we will email you with your study agreement. Please print it out, sign it and then send it to LUNEX by post or by e-mail, along with the evidence documents specified in the email.

Application for a Master’s programme:
1. Fill out our Online Application Form.
2. If you have met all the prerequisites for the Master’s programme, we will email you with your study agreement. Please read it carefully, print it out and sign it.
3. In order to complete your application, please send the signed study agreement along with all other required evidence documents by post to LUNEX.

As an applicant for one of our Bachelor’s programmes, you will be invited to attend an Application Day online. A selection procedure will take place on this day to check whether you meet the necessary prerequisites for the course.

More about the Application Day

The language of instruction in all courses at LUNEX is English. You should therefore be able to speak and understand English well. You have the opportunity to participate in the Pre-Bachelor Foundation Programme and improve your English if your language skills do not meet the entrance requirements for study at Bachelor level.

We will inform you in the course of the application process which supporting documents have to be provided and when. In principle, we need the following documents for your application:

  • Copy of your personal ID
  • Copy of the highest educational and/or vocational qualification
  • Language certificate (if applicable)

Depending on the degree programme (Bachelor/Master) and your country of origin (EU/non-EU), further documents may be required. More details will be provided to you in good time.

To secure a study place, we recommend that you send us your documents as soon as possible – but at the latest two weeks before the start of your studies. If you are an applicant from outside the EU, you should note that the application process for a visa can take four to 60 days. Please make sure you give yourself plenty of time.