New collaboration with the Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF)

On 9 December, Sebastian Merten and Prof. Dr. Andreas Mierau both participated in the press conference organised by the Luxembourg Football Federation, together with Paul Philipp, President and Charles Schaack, Vice-president of the FLF. They presented the first comprehensive strategic plan 2022-2026 in the history of the federation, which is the result of the collaboration with LUNEX University and supported by UEFA through “UEFA Grow” and “Federations of the Future”.

Our experts from the Department of International Sport Management worked on the basis of assessments, interviews, workshops and analyses to identify the key points for the federation up to 2026. The new strategy will be based on the following strategic points: sporting excellence, women’s football, refereeing, digital transformation, branding and marketing, good governance, improvement of internal structures and processes and social responsibility.

The aim is to ensure the positive development of the federation and to promote football for all at all levels: “Football. For all. Für Alle. Pour tous. Fir Jiddereen.”

LUNEX University is very proud of this new collaboration and of all its experts, who participated in this prestigious project. We look forward to seeing the results.

For more information, the press release is available on our website and the strategic plan 2022-2026 on the FLF website (in French and German).

Featured image – From left to right: Prof. Dr. Andreas Mierau, Sebastian Merten, Paul Philipp and Charles Schaack, President and Vice-President of the FLF © Stéphane Guillaume


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