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MEMOS Executive Masters 

The MEMOS program (Executive Masters in Sport Organisation Management) is designed to support professionals in national and international sports organizations in improving their organizational management skills.

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MEMOS, born in 1994 from the vision of the European Network of Sport Science Institutes, has evolved into a global force in sport management education. What started as an idea soon materialized into a two-year graduate program in 1995, with the participation of five European National Olympic Committees.

From its humble beginnings, MEMOS expanded its reach, introducing Spanish and French editions in 2006 and 2008, respectively, to cater to a broader audience while maintaining coordinated content across different versions.

Today, MEMOS stands as a testament to its founders’ vision, with training modules organized across continents, forming an integral part of the NOC Management Programmes of Olympic Solidarity. With a diverse alumni network spanning 172 nationalities, MEMOS graduates occupy key positions across the Olympic Movement, contributing to organizations like IPC, Special Olympics, and WADA. As MEMOS continues to thrive, it remains dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in sports management on a global scale.

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LUNEX and MEMOS in French

The MEMOS programme stands out as an exceptional training initiative, empowering participants to gain specialized expertise and abilities in overseeing Olympic sports organizations. LUNEX is proud to be the coordinator of the MEMOS programme and to join forces with the University of Ottawa who awards the executive masters.  We are thrilled to partner with esteemed organizations like the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity to elevate skill development within the global Olympic movement. As a Higher Education Institution, we are committed to leaving a significant mark on the worldwide sports landscape.

Prof.Dr.MathieuWinand Director MEMOSinFrench

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The International Sport Management programme at LUNEX provides you with fundamental business knowledge and management skills that prepare you for the specific tasks in the international sport business.


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Application for a Master’s programme:
1. Fill out our Online Application Form.
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As an applicant for one of our Bachelor’s programmes, you will be invited to attend an Application Day online. A selection procedure will take place on this day to check whether you meet the necessary prerequisites for the course.

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The language of instruction in all courses at LUNEX is English. You should therefore be able to speak and understand English well. You have the opportunity to participate in the Pre-Bachelor Foundation Programme and improve your English if your language skills do not meet the entrance requirements for study at Bachelor level.

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